Enjoy a whole-day tour to the west side of Crete, which is considered by many the most beautiful side of the island. Start from the town of Rethimno, west from Iraklion, where you will see traces of the Venetian and Ottoman era along with its fascinating old town. Then continue more to the west to the city of Chania, the so-called little “Venice” of Crete. From its Agora (market) to the Harbor the beauty of this city will amaze you. Finally, find yourselves on the only sweetwater lake of Crete, the lake of Kournas, and be impressed by its unique ecosystem and nature.

Discover Rethimno
Wander around this cosmopolitan town and learn about its Venetian and Ottoman past.

Explore Chania
Visit this iconic landmark town of Crete and stroll around the old harbor.

Kournas Lake
Back to nature. Relax and swim in this picturesque sweetwater lake of Crete.

The town of Rethimno is located at the north coast of Crete, west from the city of Iraklion. It is the capital of the region of Rethimno and the third largest town of Crete. As you arrive close to the town, from the main road you will be able to see the famous Fortezza, the Venetian fortress and citadel of the town, built at the end of the 16th century. You will have plenty of free time to explore the beauty of this small town. Walk in the alleys of the old town, filled with Venetian monuments, minarets, and small shops. You will be amazed by the amount of traces of the Venetian and Ottoman occupation that you will discover. The Piazza Rimondi, the Loggia, the lighthouse are only a few examples. Alternatively, stroll on the road of the harbor filled with lively cafes and traditional restaurants, along with a relaxing atmosphere. In any case, the visit to Rethimno will have you prepared in what will follow in the city of Chania.

Chania is located at the northwest coast of Rethimno. It is the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the region of Chania. Many locals and tourists make the declaration that it is the most beautiful city of Crete. You will understand the reason when you visit it and see if you agree or not. The city is divided in the Old Town and the Modern City. The Old Town is at the port of the town and it is the highlight of Chania. It is filled with Venetian fortresses, Turkish minarets and mosques, an impressive lighthouse and many Muslim houses. All these mixed with cafes and restaurants gazing the sea view. Modern City is where the locals live and work. Finally, Chania is famous for its Agora (market), located at the center of the city, which is filled with small traditional shops and taverns, where you can enjoy a traditional meal and/or buy some nice souvenirs.

After the visit to two cities on the west side of Crete, the visit to the beautiful lake of Kournas is a relaxing conclusion to the tour. Close to the town of Rethimno, this lake is located in a quiet area close to the village of Kournas. The lake is not seen from the main road, as it is hidden behind the hills. It is the only sweetwater lake of Crete and a fairly large one, with a perimeter of 3.5 km. The tranquillity and nature of the lake will offer you the chance to just enjoy the beautiful view and relax. The lake is home to many rare species of birds and fish and that’s why it is protected by the program “Natura 2000”. There are a few restaurants around the lake and pedal boat rentals. Walk around the lake, eat or drink by it, pedal on it, whatever is your style you will be left with a nice impression of its unique scenery.

Bring with you
  • Hat
  • Sun protection lotion
  • Camera
Food and drink availability
  • In Rethimno
  • In Chania
  • In Kournas lake
WC facilities
  • Not on board of the bus
  • In Rethimno
  • In Chania
  • In Kournas lake