Discover the island of Koufonisi, a yet unspoiled island called by many “paradise on earth”. Start from the port of Makrygialos, at the southeast part of Crete, with a pirate ship to the island. The boat will dock close to it and you will be able to swim in the crystal clear waters of the beach. Explore this island full of history and nature beauty and enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Libyan sea.

Pirate boat cruise
Feel like a pirate, ready to explore uncharted waters.

Deep water swim
Dare to dive from the boat and get rewarded by the coolness of the open sea.

Unspoiled territory
Discover the beauty of the unspoiled landscape and beaches.

Dive in history
Wander around the island and discover antiquities from many eras.

Lie on the beach
Relax on the white limestone sand next to crystal clear turquoise waters.

The tour starts from the port of the village of Makrygialos, located at the southeast part of Crete, after the town of Ierapetra. The name Makrygialos (long seashore) is used as well for the municipal unit containing the village and the Minoan villa close to the village. The boat is going to wait for you at the port and it will begin its cruise. It is a pirate boat which offers during the day an entertainment program for children, making the tour suitable for families wanting to relax.

The island of Koufonisi (hole island) is located at the Libyan sea at the distance of 10 nautical miles southeast of the Makrygialos coast and 3.5 nautical miles southeast of the Cape of Goudero. The island was called like that because of the many small caves found on it. The ancient name of the island was “Lefki” (White). It is an uninhabited island surrounded by the small islets of Makroulo, Marmaro, Strogyli, and Trachilos. It has a length of 6 km and it covers an area of 5,25 km2. It has a nearly steppe climate, with rare species of vegetation, which makes it unique in comparison to Crete.

The boat is going to dock close to one of the many beaches on the island. You will have the opportunity to jump straight from the boat to the crystal clear waters. The combination of the turquoise waters with the white limestone sand (that’s the reason it was called Lefki) will make you feel like you’re in paradise. All the beaches of the island are unorganized and unspoiled from civilization. If you start walking on the island, you will realize why it was called “little Dilos” of Crete. The island is full antiquities starting from the Minoan era until the Roman times. Its history is connected with the fishing of sponge and the production of porphyra, which was an intense red color dye as valuable as silver. The ancient theater, the Roman baths, the lighthouse etc will travel you back in time as you discover and imagine the different roles this small island has played in history. The paths to walk around the island are clear and not hard to walk. Just keep with your water and sun protection, as there is no natural shade on the island, and you will enjoy a pleasant walk.

Nowadays the island of Koufonisi continues to play another important role. It is a blessing for the local fishermen since it is protected from the strong winds of the Libyan sea. In recent years, its continuous historical importance has been realized by the locals, who are trying to protect this fortunately yet unspoiled environment. It is amazing to think that such a small island has such an important history and natural beauty. That is the reason that either as a relaxation day on the beach or as an exploration day on the island’s paths, a day on Koufonisi is a day to remember.

Bring with you
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Hat
  • Sun protection lotion
  • Camera
Food and drink availability
  • On board of the boat
WC facilities
  • Not on board of the bus
  • On board of the boat
  • On the island of Koufonisi